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Porcelain Figurines, Home Accessories and Tableware

A type of fine pottery, porcelain has long been a favourite material for tableware and ornaments due to its attractive appearance, strength and hardness. During the 19th century, it gained popularity across Europe, as new manufacturing techniques were developed and many of today's best-known brands were established during that period.
Porcelain figurines and tableware are traditional gifts for weddings and other special occasions like christenings.  And if you're looking for a present to mark a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Christmas, there's sure to be a collectable ornament to suit the situation.
Choosing the right porcelain gift will depend on the person who is receiving the gift and their personal tastes, as well as the decor of their home. Each porcelain manufacturer has a distinctive style, so be sure to think about what would look good in the recipient's kitchen, dining room or living room.


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This German brand was the first in Europe to develop hard-paste porcelain. Production started in 1710 and continues today, as Meissen manufactures stunning tableware in a variety of patterns, many of which were originally produced in the 18th and 19th centuries.
One of the company's most exquisite designs has a white base with an intricate cobalt-blue floral pattern. Scalloped edges and elegant curves make these porcelain products a favourite. Meanwhile, the company also offers a variety of hand-painted porcelain animal ornaments.


Founded in 1826, Hungarian porcelain company Herend was a purveyor to the Habsburg Dynasty during the mid-19th century, and the brand was a favourite among the European aristocracy.
The company still manufactures many of its classic tableware patterns, while collectable ornaments from Herend are also extremely popular. These porcelain figurines are characterised by their bright colours and detailed patterns. What's more, most items feature sparkling embellishments in hand-gilded gold for a touch of opulence and style. Choose from a variety of collectable ornaments like animals including ducks, turtles, horses, bears, sharks, rhinos, roosters and bunnies. Planes, trains and cars are also available.