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Meissen Puss in Boots

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Product Brand:   Meissen
Product Code:   900300-81992-1
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No matter whether Peter Strang devotes himself to the great themes of theater, mythology or the popular subjects of fairy tales: It is always his humorous, ironic, yet complex formal language that makes his characters unmistakable. His masterly skills in the realization of figurines or the depiction of emotions is also evident in the Meissen "Fairy-Tale Figurines". The figurine "Puss in Boots" belongs to the Meissen "Fairy-Tale Figurines" by Peter Strang. The cheerful, reduced-childlike formal language of the figurines contrasts with the sometimes sinister stories of the Brothers Grimm, from which Strang was inspired. The 10 cm high fairy-tale figurine "Puss in Boots" made of rectangles, cuboids and prisms was colourfully painted, which underlines its cheerful depiction. A gift made of Meissen porcelain with a very special charm.

Product details
Art.-No.: 900300-81992-1
Designer / Artist: Peter Strang
Height: 10 cm
Width: 2 cm
Depth: 2 cm
Weight: 44 g