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Herend AV - Apponyi Green

The origin of the Apponyi pattern was an exotic Herend design from the early years (already exhibited in Paris in 1867.), named “Indian Flower Basket” with tiny, intricate floral patterns and gracefully bending leaves surrounded by a stylised edge.

The monographic peony image enlarged from the “Indian Flower Basket” is the centrepiece of this simple, modest decoration. A stylised flower is surrounded by tiny leaves, while even smaller floral patterns and festoons adorn the dishes’ edging.

The originally green coloured Apponyi design today is available in a variety of vivid colours: the hand-painted pieces can be chosen in multicoloured or monochromatic versions with golden accent.

Besides its modernist novelties, Herend Next is offering exciting updated decorative versions and new colour variables of this classically well known décor of the Manufactory.