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Baccarat Panther The Leap

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Product Brand:   Baccarat
Product Code:   2607754
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Baccarat Panther The Leap

Designed for Baccarat by Rosetta, the panther’s nimble, feline movement is embodied in all its splendor. The slanted silhouette imbues the panther with a lean, hypnotic grace. The prowling figurine and graphic black resin base are not glued together; rather, the two modules are independent and the panther simply rests on it. The acrobatic posture is steadied using the marks indicated discreetly at the base, maintains the figurine’s equilibrium. The juxtaposition of the black base against the Baccarat crystal underscores its radiance all the more. Moreover, the detailing looks even sharper against the opacity of the black shape.

Height: 13 in
Width: 3.1 in
Length: 9.8 in